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Regular & Heavy Weight Vinyl
Indoor & Outdoor Fabric

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Vinyl & Outdoor Woven Fabric

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3 Ft to 6 Ft | Snug It Round Tablecloths (Heavy 100% Vinyl) )

Product Number 1001-RO-H
3 Ft to 6 Ft | Snug It Round Tablecloths  (Heavy 100% Vinyl)  )
3 Ft to 6 Ft Round - Select Color Choice Below
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Choose Options
Select: Table Shape
Select: Color Options
Select: Tablecloth Diameter & Price / Give Actual Measurement Needed Below
3 Ft / $31.99
4 Ft / $36.99
4 1/2" / $48.99
5 Ft / $54.99
6 Ft / $61.99
Please Select Only (1) Diameter In Inches Below / Must Be For Same Size Tablecloth Price Chosen Above / Give : 3 Ft Tablecloth Diameter
4 Ft Tablecloth Diameter
4 1/2 Ft Tablecloth Diameter
5 Ft Tablecloth Diameter
6 Ft Tablecloth Diameter
Umbrella Hole (Options)
No Hole
Hole Only / No Side Opening FREE!
Hole / With Side Opening +$7.00
Please Give Your Actual Tabletop Diameter, & Side Thickness Measurements (Your table diameter given here should not be the same size as tablecloth ordered above):


  • Our ELASTIC EDGE TABLECLOTHS,  are custom cut to fit various shapes and size tables.
  • Tablecloth will be made to the exact dimensions you put in the shopping cart.
  • You will be shipped the item in the actual size you put in the shopping carts, so please check your measurements.
  • You must add the tabletop sides thickness to the length and width measurement for actual size tablecloth needed.
  • You must also add the amount of fabric needed to hug underneath the tabletop to length and width as well.
  • All tablecloths over 52 inches in width are seamed on two sides, due to fabric width only being 54 inches wide.
  • There is an additional fee in shopping cart for extra wide widths over 52 inches.
  • Products Are Made In The USA
This is how you get the right measurements for your tablecloth & bench covers:
(Add these measurements together for length)
Tabletop surface length + 1 side tabletop thickness x 2
Amount needed to hug underneath 1 tabletop edge x 2
Added all together = Total Tablecloth Length To Order

(Do the exact same for the width)

72" L Tabletop + (2" sides thickness x 2 = 4") + (2" completely around underneath tabletop x 2 = 4") = 80" L Tablecloth

Custom items usually ship within (15) to (20) business days. Larger orders may require additional time. 
*We will notify Customer if additional shipping time is required.
We reserve the right to limit large quantities ordered.
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